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CONSULTING – What kind of consulting do you offer?

All aspects of decorative concrete.

  • RESIDENTIAL or DESIGNER consulting
  • COMMERCIAL or DEVELOPER consulting
  • ENGINEER or ARCHITECT consulting
  • CITY PLANNER consulting
CONSULTING – What credentials do you have?

We have over 35 years of knowledge and experience…we are the definitive experts in this field.

CONSULTING – I need help…how can I get some help?

EMAIL US HERE and let’s go over your situation.

CONSULTING – Do you have any fees for consulting?

Yes. Our more in depth consulting is fee based.

SEAL MASTER – Does your company seal asphalt?

No. We are strictly decorative concrete, masonry, paving stones, Allan blocks, cultured stones & natural stones.

SEAL MASTER – Can I install THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealers myself?

Yes. Our concrete sealer system is designed for easy application following our application tips. If you decide you want to sit back and relax and have us do the installation…we would be more than happy to do it for you.


We are rolling out our program across North America…EMAIL US HERE to find out if our services are in your area.

SEAL MASTER – What makes your certified installers so good?

We put every one of our installers through a certification course. Our CERTIFIED SEAL MASTER’s are armed with the most up to date information in not only concrete sealing but also in the entire decorative concrete processes.

They are able to analyze your surface and tell you exactly what is needed?

OCE DIVISION – I need to clean the old mastic off my floors, what do you suggest?


  • Concrete floors use 500MR (Formerly known as BEAN-E-DOO)
  • Wooden floors use 540PM (Formerly known as Poly-U)
OCE DIVISION – What does O.C.E. specialize in?

We specialize in anything to do with decorative concrete. Tools, equipment, products, knowledge, safety equipment, pressure washers, power trowels, retarders, acid, form oil…you name it we’ve got it!

OCE DIVISION – Do you stock colour oxides?

Yes. We have the largest inventory in Canada, with well over 6,000 bags in stock.

OCE DIVISION – Do you sell release powders?

Yes. We have the largest inventory in Canada, with over 1100 pails in stock.

OCE DIVISION – Do you rent stamp mats?

No. We only sell the highest quality stamp mats and skins available.

OCE DIVISION – Can I buy THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealer from you?

Depends. THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealer system is only for the best.

OCE DIVISION – I need parts for my power trowel, do you carry parts?

Yes. We have the largest inventory in western Canada.

OCE DIVISION – Can you ship product outside of your Kelowna location?

Yes. We ship all across Canada & the USA.

OCE DIVISION – Are there any new oxide colours to choose from? I am sick of the old dull look?

Yes. RAINBOW COLOUR OXIDES are from Germany and boast the truest, brightest colours inspired by New York Architects.

OCE DIVISION – Is there any advantage adding fibers to my concrete mix?

Only if you use ULTRA FIBER 500® natural fibers…synthetic fibers are a waste of money.

OCE DIVISION – Why didn’t my concrete come out evenly coloured from the cement truck?

The drum needs to rotate at charging speed for a minimum of 10 minutes to fully disperse the oxides.

OCE DIVISION – Why does my sprayer plug up when I am sealing?

You need to use a professional sprayer designed for sealing. We recommend a Chapin 19069 stainless sprayer.

OCE DIVISION – What is the difference between Kraft and Marshalltown tools?

Marshalltown is the original finishing tool and Kraft is a newer line. Kraft is a lower price point than Marshalltown. Quality is similar…just comes down to preference.

COMMERCIAL DIVISION – Where can I buy your product?

We ship anywhere in North America. EMAIL US HERE for more details.


A division specifically designed for high volume companies.

  • Big Box Retailers
  • Large Ready Mix Companies
  • Engineers
  • Commercial Developers
  • Architects
  • City Planners
POLAR SERIES STAIN – Is WHITE LABEL POLAR SERIES concrete stain environmentally friendly?

Yes, our POLAR SERIES stain is water-based and 100% VOC compliant.

POLAR SERIES STAIN – How many colours do you offer?

We have 20 different colours to choose from and each one can be altered to your specific shade by adding water. CLICK HERE for our colour chart.

POLAR SERIES STAIN – How do I prepare the surface for staining?

Our PINK LABEL PINKPREP is specifically designed to be used as the final cleaner before staining or sealing. It will remove any barriers between the surface and the stain and neutralize the surface. This is imperative for proper adhesion. Some surfaces may require etching to open up the surface and allow the stain to be accepted. EMAIL US HERE for more information.


You can apply with a sprayer, roller, rag, sponge or brush to achieve your desired look. (Make sure to moisten surface before applying).

POLAR SERIES STAIN – What coverage can I expect from 1 bottle (1 quart) of concentrate?

If you mix 1 quart of POLAR SERIES stain with 3 quarts of water that will give you 1 gallon of product. 1 gallon of product will cover approx. 200 sq ft of surface. (Just remember to write down the stain/water ratio you chose so you can achieve the same colour next time).


To allow you to choose the level of colour you desire…and you are only paying for stain not water.


As with all of THE CEMENT STORE’s products…we have years and years of experience and strive only to provide the best. We use the best ingredients possible to create a product that works awesome!

POLAR SERIES STAIN – Can I apply White LABEL POLAR SERIES stain to freshly poured concrete?

No. You must wait until the concrete is fully cured, usually 28 days.

PINKPREP – How long do I have to wait to seal after cleaning my surface with PINK LABEL PINKPREP?


  • For concrete surfaces – Usually 24 hours is sufficient if temperatures are warm.
  • For masonry, brick or paving stones – There is a lot more moisture being trapped in these types of surfaces. 1 week minimum if temperatures are warm and no more water has been added to surface.
PINKPREP – How well do I have to rinse the surface after I use PINK LABEL PINKPREP?

Thoroughly. You do not want any PINK LABEL PINKPREP left on the surface.

PINKPREP – I just used PURPLE LABEL OILOUT to remove some oil spots, why do I have to use another cleaner?

Every other cleaner on the planet will leave a film that will end up being a barrier to adhesion for your concrete sealer. PINK LABEL PINKPREP is specifically designed to remove all other films thus eliminating any barriers between your surface and concrete sealer.

PINKPREP – I am just re-sealing my driveway, do I still need to use PINK LABEL PINKPREP?

Yes. It is highly recommended to have a clean neutral surface for re-sealing.

PINKPREP – Can I use PINK LABEL PINKPREP at full strength?

No. It is best used at 25 parts water to 1 part PINKPREP (Approx. ½ a bottle into approx. 3 gallons of water). Using at full strength will not have any added benefit.

PINKPREP – Why do I have to use PINK LABEL PINKPREP as the final cleaner before I seal?

PINK LABEL PINKPREP is specifically designed to remove all previous films, contaminants and grime to create a fresh neutral surface. This is the optimum surface for applying THE CEMENT STORE’s concrete sealers.

ANTI SLIP – Will the YELLOW LABEL ANTI SLIP be visible on the surface?

No, it will be invisible. The YELLOW LABEL ANTI SLIP will slightly reduce the overall gloss.

ANTI SLIP – I am putting on 2 coats of THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealer, do I need to put the YELLOW LABEL ANTI SLIP on both coats?

No. Just put the YELLOW LABEL ANTI SLIP on your final wear coat.

ANTI SLIP – Can I apply YELLOW LABEL ANTI SLIP after I seal?

No. YELLOW LABEL ANTI SLIP is specifically designed to melt into THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealer wear coats and become part of the concrete sealer. DO NOT broadcast on top.


Anywhere you want an anti-slip surface for added safety.

OILOUT – Can I seal the surface right after I use PURPLE LABEL OILOUT?

No. PURPLE LABEL OILOUT leaves a film behind that will be a barrier to adhesion for THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealers. You will need to clean the surface with PINK LABEL PINKPREP to remove all previous films and contaminants. PINK LABEL PINKPREP also neutralizes the surface creating the best possible surface for applying THE CEMENT STORE’s concrete sealer.

OILOUT – I cleaned all the oil spots but they came back, why?

PURPLE LABEL OILOUT is designed to wick out the stains. Deep seated stains will need repeated cleaning applications until the stain is completely wicked out.

OILOUT – Do I have to clean the oil spots before I apply THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealer?

Yes. If you do not clean the oil spots before sealing you will lock them into your driveway.

SEALER – I hear so many different opinions on what is right and what is wrong…can you help me?

Yes. I apologize for the lack of professionalism in our industry. You will only get the facts from THE CEMENT STORE…whether you want to hear them or not. EMAIL US HERE.

SEALER – My decorative concrete looks old and faded…can you fix this?

Yes. We can absolutely fix this and bring your decorative concrete back to life. EMAIL US HERE.

SEALER – Does THE CEMENT STORE have someone to install your concrete sealer for me?

Yes. We have CERTIFIED SEAL MASTER’s that can install our products for you. EMAIL US HERE to see if we have a CERTIFIED SEAL MASTER in your area.

For more information CLICK HERE.

SEALER – I was given advice to add Xylene to your concrete sealer…is this ok?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Unfortunately, more uneducated individuals giving wrong advice. THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealers are engineered by the most talented chemists in the world and are designed to be used as supplied.

SEALER – I keep getting white spots or haziness all over the surface…why?

You have moisture trapped under your sealer. You are in luck if you used our concrete sealer. Our RED LABEL or ECCOSEAL RED are designed to re-emulsify our resins and let the moisture escape. See our RED LABEL or ECCOSEAL RED VIDEO HERE.

SEALER – ZERO VOC concrete sealer? So it doesn’t stink?

Please watch our VOC VIDEO HERE. Our sealer is still solvent-based so it will have a solvent smell. Good ventilation is still needed but the smell goes away soon after installation is complete.

Being that it has ZERO VOC’s means that you are not contributing anything to greenhouse gases or global warming.

Safe for our planet, safe for our families, awesome for your decorative concrete.


ECCOSEAL is our new ZERO VOC concrete sealer system. Exact same as our original TCS concrete sealer system but now boasts the world’s first ZERO VOC solvent-based concrete sealer.

SEALER – Why was the concrete sealer so much better before the new regulations came in?

This is a myth created by uneducated individuals. Xylene was the main solvent before 2010 and is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, thus the new regulations.

Our sealer is actually far superior to the ‘old sealers’ in every way.

Most manufacturers chose to stay cheap and create sealers that do not work, including creating water-based sealers. These same manufactures are now creating strippers for their products.

THE CEMENT STORE is the only concrete sealer manufacturer in the world that chooses not produce water-based concrete sealers. See our WATER_BASED or SOLVENT-BASED video.


2-3 days after the pour. Just make sure there is no standing water on the surface. DO NOT apply a second coat until the concrete has fully cured (approx. 28 days).

SEALER – Why do I need to use BLUE LABEL or ECCOSEAL BLUE?

It is by far the most important step in our system. Any new or unsealed concrete has the luxury of using BLUE and setting your concrete up for maximum success. Watch this VIDEO for more information.

SEALER – What is THE CEMENT STORE residential division?

A division specifically designed for the home owner.

To provide the most up to date and correct information on decorative concrete, which allows the home owner to make an educated decision.

To provide the best products available…all across Canada & the USA.

SEALER – Concrete sealing has caused me nothing but problems, why?

To put it simply, until now…you haven’t found the right company yet. There are too many people out there armed with minimal or incorrect information about concrete sealing. Our customers never leave because they are relieved to finally have a company that knows what they are talking about.

Welcome aboard! EMAIL US HERE and let’s discuss your situation.

SEALER – What is THE CEMENT STORE concrete sealer system?

Watch this video CEMENT STORE CONCRETE SEALER SYSTEM to find out why our system is all you will ever need!